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We are a seed / stage incubator and accelerator. We mentor founders.

January First – Ethos to the Innovative Startups That Seek Our Funding and Mentorship 

"We're not in the business of merely funding. We're in the business of nurturing visions." 


At January First, we are more than a seed-stage incubator and accelerator; we are the mentors of founders. We stand as a testament to new beginnings and endless possibilities. In a world teeming with innovation, we believe there is always space for more visionaries and fewer complications.


The digital revolution has reshaped our world in ways once unimaginable, yet the startup landscape remains complex. The ecosystem for building, investing in, or scaling startups needs repair. We position ourselves at the vanguard, advocating for innovators, fully aware that our journey has much further to go. 

Consider this staggering fact: 98% of global startups fail. 

It is a clear indicator that we are often trapped by the remnants of past failures and outdated processes. Established companies in sectors like media, travel, and transportation have been overtaken by those not confined by industry norms. The startup ecosystem, however, is still pending its true transformation, frequently resistant to innovation and change from within. 

Since our inception in 2012, our unwavering mission has been to revolutionize the startup domain. Our core beliefs and values have withstood the test of time: 

The digital shift towards AI, the metaverse, blockchain, and mobile technology is not just a trend but the future of technology, necessitating more innovative startups. 

- Newcomers and startup brands are the harbingers of change. 

- Traditional industry giants will find it challenging to keep pace. 

- Consumers across all sectors are ready and waiting for inspiration. 

January First transcends traditional investment. We partner with visionary founders who are forging the next wave of transformative technology, pursing disruptive models in AI, the metaverse, blockchain, and beyond.  

Across seven countries, we continue to provide extraordinary founders the mentorship and resources they need to develop exceptional solutions—an approach that helps transform ideas into valuable enterprises. Innovative ideas necessitate more than just intent; it requires committed investment and solid support.  

We go beyond the role of financiers, establishing ourselves as leaders of change committed to building lasting value in the realm of innovation. 

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